The Empty tomb

stoneware, marble, 9" x 7" x 4"



stoneware, pigment, 5" x 5" x 6"


I first began to depict the Gospel in clay because I couldn't find a tool to adequately tell people about God—Who He is, who He says we are, and what He did for us—until I was able to express it in art. This work has strengthened and encouraged me to give voice to my faith, and to say what I believe needs to be said: God is God and I am not.

Whether I'm working on a piece that depicts the character, attributes, works or love of God, or of man in relationship with Him, my pieces attempt to honor all that He is and the gifts with which He has blessed me. I find endless inspiration in Scripture! Many times, as I am learning about the Lord, an image of a specific Biblical character or scene will dawn on me, or I might be moved to capture the moment that God interacts with man and changes a person's forever. Lazarus stares at his hand in awe ... Jonah admits that salvation comes from the Lord ... the Prodigal comes to himself ... Job encounters God .... 

I feel so privileged to depict the hand of God on the hearts of man.

show me your glory

stoneware, mason stain, glaze

17" x 15" x 16"


Set upon a rock

stoneware, glaze

16" x 13" x 15"



the Word in Form

Figurative Ceramic Sculpture
by Veronica Patten

Contemporary Gospel Art

The babE

stoneware, mason stain, underglaze

actual size


stoneware, glaze, steel wire

10" x 13" x 12"