Contemporary Gospel Art

Clay works

“Like one of my pots that sits on the shelf to dry, my art sat on the shelf for many years. I sometimes wondered, asking the Potter, why did You make me an artist? They aren’t called starving artists for nothing. But God had plans. He opened a door and things began to move. I now have a voice and a bit of courage to talk about my precious Savior; the one who plucked me out of the miry clay and began forming me into something that gives Him glory. In my art, I want to point to Christ; to speak of His mercy and grace toward sinners and give glory to Him because when all is stripped away, for me, 'to live is Christ’.”          

               “When I survey the wonderous cross,
                On which the Prince of Glory died,
                My richest gain I count but loss,
                And pour contempt on all my pride”

Veronica grew up in the midwest and loved clay and art from her childhood; finding clay in the alley behind her house and making a bird’s nest, or loving to scribble the color blue next to green just to see them together. Sculpture was her first passion, so she took every three dimensional art class and pottery class available in high school and, later, in college. She now lives in western Wisconsin with her husband and enjoys her children, grandchildren, and gardening.